I love my wristwatch. It’s more than a timepiece for me, it’s a tool of time management and therefore life-management. If you can manage your time, then you can manage your life.

How so? Let’s look at the current wristwatch I have. It’s a  Timex T5K413 Ironman 30 lap. It comes with some really cool features that I find are underused: The Chronometer and the Timer.

What I like about these two features? I can measure how long something is happening (say like how long the laundry room washer and dryer take) and later on set my timer later so that while I am multi-tasking I can keep track of of it.

Now some people do this with their phones, or even there computers, but the thing it about watches is that they are not overwhelming unlike PC’s and cellphones. And it can be there with you at all times.

Now some watches have become far more sophisticated over the years,some including GPS and health monitors. In all these new timepieces I will list you 5 of my favorites and why.

1)      Casio Classic Calculator Watch

You can’t go wrong with a watch that enables you to make quick basic arithmetic. While lacking in the many features of the more modern watches, if you remember anything useful from your science and math class, this makes a good companion.

2) http://www.usbwatches.com/

This watch, with an analog faceplate, has usb memory inside. This is useful for those with medical conditions who want to have a copy of their [[http://www.medictag.com/|medical record]] on hand and you can even stuff it with some portable apps. You never know when you need some usb space or that tool you use.

3) I’m Watch.

It’s an android os watch. I am not making this up!! All the goodness (and gripes) you’d expect from a wearable android device. And it’s also a phone, an mp3 player. It’s basically an android phone that’s wrist-mounted. Calling Dick Tracy, Calling Dick Tracy!!

With a host of devices and sensors in it, all it needs is the timex’s Healthwatch system and a decent camera and you’d have the perfect augmented reality platform.


You can’t go wrong with military watches. They are big, ugly, and resiliant time-pieces. And they have added features, that can be useful for the common civilian who doesn’t want a watch that will crap out on them.

The blackhawk has several features that I like. It’s got internal and external lights (pretty useful if you need to find something in the dark), Lithium Ion battery (guaranteed for 10 years) and a neat recharging system that I like. A “electro-magnetic Induction” system. Nice.

5) Portable astronomical ring

Ok, so it’s not exactly a wristwatch, but you got to love the idea that it will never run out of battery power, and that it will last a lifetime. Also, imagine the fun learning how it works and that sense of controling your time.

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