About Cybudo

Cybudo, is a portmanteau term that was invented by Canadian sci-fi/horror writer Sean Kennedy, more precisely from his radio-series “Tales From The Afternow.”  It borrows from the Japanese language “budo“, which is associated with the west with “Bushido” (“way of the warrior”) and fuses it with “Cy”, from “Cybernetics”.

Hence Cybudo is the way of cybernetics.  Although there are some linguists out there would argue it should be saiberudo or some other variant. Perhaps they are right, but don’t let that minor detail stop you.

For all intents and purposes, a way to balance worklife and homelife using technology to achieve it. On this blog, I share what I discovered, found useful and despise.

The essence is “The computer is to work for you, and not the other way around”.

And to make it simple (and fun) I will use this system to indicate what kind of blog entry it will be.

The system will be known as “The Hammer” and “The Cat’s Meow”.


Is a post about something that irks me about technology. To the point I wish to take a hammer to it. It can be a product, a service, company or people who just deserve to have a hammer flung at them for either complicating a process, a technology or just being general asses and making our lifes more difficult than necessary (telecom companies, I am looking at you!!).


The Digital Cat's Meow

The opposite of the hammer. Anything that is good, true, and that really is worth our time, like petting a kitty.


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